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Nano Fauna

Nano Fauna

Nano Fauna series, Tim Kropivšek, Digital collage, 2020

It's eveywhere. In the forest, your apartment, your pocket... and your veins too.

Ongoing collage series Nano Fauna was inspired by the photography project Human Waste-lands. It explores fictional landscapes that are full of life; overgrown with extraordinary
flora, crawling, floating worms and creatures alike, acting as predators and prey in their big worlds, which to us are incredibly small. We can't comprehend what life is like on a nano scale as we cannot acces it. These collages will take you on a picturesque journey and you don't even need a nanoscope to tag along.

These are my impictions of the worlds that exist beyond of what our senses are capable of noticing. I guess you could call them everchanging, ever-dying and rebirthing worlds, as they get stomped time and time again by bigger creatures such as ourselves.


These works are created with Circulette, the program I wrote as my first project during master studies at AFAD in Ljubljana. The possibility of creating these collages was depending on changing the original code by adding more options, such as more colors, more blending modes and a feature that the circle (which is the brush) could be morphed into a elipse and most importantly making the background transparent. Find more about Circulette project under Sound+Instalaltion.


Slovenia 50+

Slovenija 50+

Commisioned works, Tim Kropivšek, Digital vector Illustration, 2019

A warning about problems and compilcations that global warming has brought upon us

Please visit for more information about this project.


Doctor Who


Doctor who series, Tim Kropivšek, Hand drawn Illustrations, 2017

A homage to the one and only time travelling Doctor.

These are the Doctor Who inspired series that I made on the thematics of time at Illustration class during my bachelor studies at AFAD in Ljubljana. At that time I was pretty much psychologically connected to this series
as it fed me so much imagination that at times  I couldn’t stop drawing or thinking about space and time.


The space is an enourmous place and to have a ship that can travel effciently through it and to add up, also through time is ofcourse not possible. But it does ligthen up artists like myself and create something pleasing to the eye. Three illustrations are one whole episode except two, which are my personal impictions of Doctor stopping the time and the Tardis (Doctor’s spaceship) plantation, as they are not things, but beings.


Bare and Broken

Bare and Broken

Bare and Broken series, Tim Kropivšek, Digital vector Illustrations, 2020

Vector illustration series about Homo sapiens connection to the nature.

This is the most recent series that is still evolving. We are a part of this world and yet we feel like we are living in a bubble that is separated from the natural world. This bubbles are made of comfort that capitalism is providing us with. At the same time the ever increasing use of internet and devices that connects us to it are separating us from the true natural selves. We have lost the connection and grown dependent of the virtual life and became sick.

That is making us greedy, egoistic and lonely, which can easily cause depression.Oh Human, where do you leave yourself when you enter the virtual world? For a while you will feel great, but the reality is that we will all end bare and broken if we don't change something about our bond with nature, stop abusing it and start living with it in symbiosis. We all have a reason to live disconnected from the nature, but our survival is exactly in re-establishing the connection with mother earth. 



Faces series, Tim Kropivšek, Hand drawn Illustrations, 2017

A 1 evening face drawing challenge series.