Human Waste-lands #1, Tim Kropivšek, Digital photograph, 2019

The mesmerizing dystopia of our future.

Ongoing photography series Human Waste-lands, carries a warning within the visuals where, I am reminding people how the food industry and society itself is tricking us into buying more and more food, even though we can never eat it all, even when our stomachs are full. Yet, their propaganda convinces us there is still room for more. All that uneaten food in our fridge ends up rotten, therefore the perfect environment for mould, insects and bacteria.

From that food that would find it’s way to the trash, as it is considered unwanted, I build miniature landscapes; landscapes that turn out as a colourful wondrous dreamlike places everyone of us would want to explore. At first sight that is. As we move closer, the perception changes rapidly - It’s still beautiful, but the photograph starts to transmit the vision of exhausted mother earth, after we, humans, had overwhelmed her with our spoiled, never satisfied urge to buy and eat.

In the modern world, we rarely think of the food we are eating, we merely ever enjoy it for what it is. This way of living had us convert this wonderful thing, the ritual of replenishing our bodies with fresh energy to a simple empty need just to feel full. If everyone would eat less junkfood and most importantly buy the exact amounts as we need and actually eat, the world would stray away from disaster, if only for a little bit.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations is warning us, beside the point that we are wasting already bought food, that same food was produced in much bigger numbers, but due to transportation a lot of it gets lost. To be exact, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year—approximately 1.3 billion
tonnes — gets lost or wasted. So we should dread carefully in the world we live in and change our habits of buying too much, so we can at least make the best of the food that came to us in a perfect state and enjoy it, be thankful and show some respect to the one thing that’s keeping us alive. Unless the dystopia of wastelands awaits us in future.



Disfigured series, Tim Kropivšek, Digital photographs, 2019

The grotesque world of multiple exposure photography.


Action. Sweat. Blood. Competitions. Community.

Sport photography series, Tim Kropivšek, Digital photographs, Analog photographs, retrospective.